"Visceral and enchanting…"
- The Seattle Times

"A pocket version of Cirque du Soliel."
- The Seattle Weekly

“Bringing the magical and the spectacular back into everyday life."
- Seattle Star

"Utterly unique, moving, and rapturous."
- Seattle Dances

The Cabiri were formed in 1999 as theatrical emissaries of the Anunnaki Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve the mythologies of cultures that have passed into antiquity. In that time, we have traveled the world presenting our work to diverse audiences. We are eternally dancing the dream and we seek to bring you along on our adventure!

In 2005, the Cabiri began a formal apprentice program for our troupe members, and we now provide training for up-and-coming aerialists and physical theater performers. As the troupe's instruction and apprentice program has grown, so has our capacity to tell tales on an epic scale.

Using physical theater, dance, aerial arts, fire performance, stilts, puppetry and a little fairy dust that is our secret recipe, Cabiri performers enrapture our audiences and transport them into worlds outside of time. Join us as we travel into misty nights beneath the waxing crescent moon, journey into the realms of gods and monsters and worlds where anything is possible. Come with us as we dive into the dusty tomes of the past. Our adventure in Cabiria is just beginning and the magic continues to grow as we delve deeper into the world of dream.

Upcoming Events

June 12-20, 2015
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center
201 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109

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"Those who have been initiated into
 the Mysteries of the Cabiri
 will understand my Meaning"

-- Herodotus